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Tech Inspections

We do Annual Tech Inspections for BMWCCA Club Racing, All HPDE groups and NASA Racing!

BMWCCA Cllub RacingNASA Pro Racing

Before you ever take your car to the track for an autocross, high performance drivers ed event, or race, you really should take your car through a thorough tech inspection, at a qualified shop.

­We are qualified. We have spent many days at the track, and have seen, and experienced what happens when one neglects this important step. Nothing can ruin a great weekend at the track, than getting there and finding you have a problem, or worst case, that because you overlooked something, you have a catastrophic failure on track.

We offer both a bare bones tech, that will get most tech forms filled out and signed, and a full nut and bolt inspection, which should find most potential issues. In either case, we may suggest upgrades in consumables that will make your track event more enjoyable.

Examples include;

•A higher performance brake pad, which will be a better fit for track use, quicker stopping, less fade

•High temp brake fluid, not just a bleed, but full flush and replacement

•If you are new to this we will offer advice on how to initially set tire pressures, and how to monitor through your day

•And if you are new, we will be happy to advise you as to best prioritize modifications you may be considering for your car