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For Advanced Students, those who want to get a Competition License, or those already racing, we offer professional coaching with a proven driver. We offer several options.

AIM Data

Advanced Student Coaching- We will work on refining your line, and fine tuning your control inputs. Advanced topics will be worked on such as trail braking, throttle steering and how to run off line, and still maintain, or gain speed. Using our AIM data collection system, and overlaying your data with the data we have collected for each track, we will help you identify areas of opportunity.

Comp School Prep- Our coaches have all been through some of the best pro and club race schools around. Some have instructed for the likes of Skip Barber and the Porsche Experience. We can spend a day going through the exercises you will in Comp School, to help make the process easier and less stressful.

Chump and Lemons Race Coaching- Working with our friends at Carolina Motorsports Park, we have dates that will include run sessions for Chump/ Lemons test and tune. On these dates, we offer a team package, where we will coach your entire team. This will include collecting AIM data and video on each of your drivers in your car, doing lead follow with our coaches car while another driver rides in the Coaches right seat so the Coach can explain what he is doing and time in the paddock to review the data to find areas of opportunity. We recommend that if you have any drivers with no track experience, you enroll them in HPDE, which will be held on the same day, possibly with your Coach.  We have proven results. We coached 3 members of a 6 member team prior to a Lemons race, and those who recieved coaching were 5 to 10 seconds A LAP faster than those who did not!

Comp Coaching- Working with AIM data and video, we will run data laps in your car, and so will you. We will then spend the day refining areas of opportunity. We will also work with you on car set up, so you can get the most our of your car. We can provide both a Race Coach and a Pro Crew Chief for your day at the track. There are numerous variables that we can tweak to make you faster.