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HPDE- High Performance Drivers Education- Your first step in learning how to quickly and safely navigate the race track. All of the tracks we work at have groups that host these events, and just about any weekend, and a lot of weekdays, you can find an event


You can enjoy a HPDE event in your daily driver, or you can rent one of our HPDE cars that are specially prepared. Most cars ( no convertables or SUV's) are perfectly fine for a HPDE event, as long as you bring them through a Tech Inspection, and change to proper fluids. And you do not have to have a BMW to run with the BMW groups, or Porsche to run with the Porsche group.

While most groups provide outstanding instruction, there is always the chance that you will draw an in car instructor that is not focused on you. Many groups offer instructors free track time in exchange for their services, and that is the only reason some instructors sign up.

In order to avoid drawing the short straw, you can ensure yourself a quality instructor that is there for one reason, to make your time at the track the most rewarding and productive it can be.

In addition, we will provide you with the information and instruction that no club group will.

We will;

  • When you register with us, we will provide you with an introduction package that will tell you what to expect, and what to bring, to make your event even more enjoyable. You will experience some stress just running on track, we try to reduce that, by making sure when you are not on track you are relaxed.
  • Provide an instructor that is there for one reason- to instruct you.
  • Your instructor will also show you how to check your car over before and after each session, teaching how to make adjustments to tire pressure for better handling, checking fluids to prevent catastrophic failures, how to check your brakes and how to prepare yourself and your car for each on track session.
  • Your instructor may attend classroom sessions with you. He will help you relate classroom materials to on track, and may provide additional theory lessons that you may not get from the classroom.
  • And of course, your instructor will be experienced.¬†They will share¬†their experience, and give you some of the ins and outs of track events.

Check our calendar for upcoming events and instructor availability. And if there is an event we have not listed, but you would like to attend, let us know, we can usually work it out.