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Rental Track Cars

Big Dog Rentals

Whether you want to do a track day, but would rather not use your daily driver, or you are traveling and just want a convenient way to get on track, or you want to race and don't have the time or money to invest in all that racing requires, we have a solution for you.

From a totally stock e30 BMW, to a full blown GTS race car, and much in between, we can meet you at the track with a car through our Arrive & Drive programs.

For novice drivers, we have dedicated HPDE Cars. HPDE cars are equipped with HP brake pads and street tires.

Our e30 HPDE car is bone stock, original seats and interior. It is the perfect first time car, and e30's are a blast. $600/day*

e30 rental

Our e46 HPDE car is for those who have done a few events, and want to slide into a car with race seats and harnesses. The e46 is a very good race platform, the e46 rental is $750/ day*.e46 rentale46 interior

For Novice racers, we suggest you break into the sports with our Chump/ Lemons Team

For the real deal, we offer Race Rentals

We also can provide Trackside Support. With Trackside Support, you don't even have to put fuel in the car, you can just sit back and relax until you are called to grid. Shoot, we'll even serve you lunch.

* Rentals require a deposit and reservation 7 days in advance. Renter will sign a rental agreement and be liable for all damages. Each rental vehicle will have a declared value, and HPDE insurance is HIGHLY recommended.