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We will keep your car running longer, and better

Big Dog Motorsports has moved into a shop that has been repairing European cars for over 35 years. Our Lead Technician, Robert Cantrell, has been here for 17 of those, and he has over 40 years of auto repair experience. We carry on the tradition of the finest service in the area. Yes, we specialize in BMW and MINI Cooper repairs, and we have an Autologic Computer and all of the specialty tools that allow us to do that. But we have added a subscription to AllData, the largest, and most comprehensive database on auto repair and maintenance.

We recieve OEM parts, and in most cases our suppliers can have what we need to us the same day you approve the work. We also work with many aftermarket suppliers, so if you want to modify your car, we can handle that too.

Customers of Big Dog Motorsports are put in our own database. We are able to send out text or email reminders when your car is due for regular service. We do not share this information under any circumstance.


Sometimes, OEM recommendations aren't good enough

When a manufacturer states that the oil change interval should be 15000 miles, that's just wrong. For a car that is just used around town, 5000 miles is a better bet. If you enjoy spirited driving, or take your car on track, more often is better.

There are things that break, and we know when to expect them

All cars break. With some BMW models, between 60,000 and 100,000 miles, the cooling system starts to leak. If this is not caught, the car over heats, and leads to greater problems. We know what is going to go wrong and when to expect it.

Having your car in for even an oil change can expose these issues, and allow you to prevent major failures. It's far easier, and less expensive to replace a failing hose, than an engine.

We use cooling system failures as an example. Other areas that need to be watched vary depending on manufacturer, but are none the less serious.


Don't ignore those check engine lights

Yeah, sometimes they're nothing serious, but having them checked out is fairly quick and easy, and can help prevent major problems. With AllData and Autologic, we can read the codes, and explore our databases for the most common, and most rare causes. A $50 half hour of diagnostics is well worth preventing a major repair issue.


We've repeated that word many times here. And that is your best bet to keep your car running long and well. It's like anything else, if you take care of issues before they become serious, they won't pile up and become insurmountable. Call us today, and make an appointment to have Big Dog Motorsports service your car.